Testimonials - 2017

Morning Fitness, Boxing & Pilates


I have been with Amaranti Personal Training & Pilates for 6 years.

The benefits I receive for my physical and mental health have made a huge difference in my life. The diversity of the classes and the group comradery always brings me back, even on those hard days when I feel a bit lazy or down!


Still love what you do Kristy - after all this time.  

Jo xx


My daughter asked me to join her at the new Pilates classes held in Fremantle. The classes were small, only 6 - 8, personalised.  I was looking for something different for exercise so I decided to go. 

That was over 6 years ago and I still love it. During that time I injured my back and Kristy's sessions were invaluable for my rehabilitation. Kristy makes the classes interesting and fun and always varied.  At times we often discuss various topics ranging  from the latest food fad, famous people we have met, and of course the obligatory delightful holiday stories.  Now with the new ' Pilates Flow' classes an even better workout using various apparatus. 


Thank You Kristy  


Group Training, Boxing & Pilates 

Group Training, Boxing & Pilates 

I've I've been a regular member at Amaranti's Personal Training for a number of years now, courtesy of a couple of my mates talking me into coming to training to start my journey of getting my body back in shape and fitness levels up to scratch.  


I didn't want to go into the typical gym environment, so the outdoor environment as well as the fact it was group training exclusively for women was perfect for me.  


Kristy is a sensational trainer,  always friendly, supportive and encouraging.  Her classes are challenging and vary every time and she accommodates all levels of fitness whilst providing a friendly environment for people to achieve their fitness goals.




I started training with Kristy in 2014 with some personal training before joining an 8 week bootcamp course to now training 2-3 times a week over the last year and a half. 


I suffered pain and discomfort from prior back and wrist injuries and was very unfit. During my first session, I was barely able to run 100m and survive the hour workout. 


After regular training, I was able to maintain my injury discomfort, build strength and push myself to do things I never thought I could achieve. This year, I competed in my first triathlon and am feeling the fittest I have ever been in my life. 


The group training classes are in a fun, supportive environment and no two classes are the same so you are constantly challenged to push yourself harder and reach your full potential.   


Group Training, Boxing & Pilates 

Kristy provides me the best support, tailored to my needs. I enjoy Pilates and group training with Kristy and the wonderful group of funny, enthusiastic and interesting ladies in our group. I really value the importance of keeping active and challenging myself without feeling like I need to look a Barbie doll. A lovely relaxed and yet motivated group.




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