1.  Maintain regular sleep patterns.


2.  Eat regularly. Don't skip meals.


3.  Focus on the positive things that work for you and spend time with positive people.


4.  Reduce caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake if possible. Keep water by your desk.


5.  Take a break from stressful situations. Do something different - try reading book, 

     meeting friends or going for a walk.


6.  Try to deal with one task at a time. Do not delay tasks you don't like. You will feel

     better as soon as they are completed.


7.  Remember that your thoughts are not necessarily facts.


8.  If you feel your stress levels rising. Breathe deeply and take a short walk.


9.   Exercise regulary and engage in outdoor activities.


10. Try to wind down before getting into bed by taking a warm bath or shower,       listening to some relaxing music or reading a book. As your body temperature       drops your melatonin will rise helping you to feel sleepy.


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10 Tips To Manage Stress 


Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Stress generally arises when the demands we face exceed 

our capacity to cope. Small increases in demand are often handled well, but when the demand

increases and overwhelms our coping skills - we feel it in the form of stress.